The Gold Mine

The purpose of this website is to engage and educate citizens about the proposed Cochrane Hill gold mine project.  Shown here, rare footage of Atlantic salmon spawning in McKeens brook, future effluent discharge point for the Cochrane Hill gold mine project.


Project Description

A full project description of the Cochrane Hill gold project submitted to Canadian Environment Assessment Agency by Atlantic  Mining Nova Scotia Corporation.



Scale of Mine

Scale of the proposed mine at Cochrane Hill. Data gathered by Karen McKendry, Ecology Action Centre and Dale Archibald.




Maps showing conservation areas, mineral claims, gold licenses, and more in the proposed Cochrane Hill gold project area. 




Economic impact study of the proposed Cochrane Hill gold mine project, commissioned by  Municipality of the District of St. Mary’s.


Archibald Lake Proposed Wilderness Area

The designation of Archibald Lake as a protected wilderness area could cut off the proposed water supply for the current proposed gold mine.  Atlantic gold launches their fight against this designation. 

PODCAST: Proposed Gold Mine in NS Threatens Atlantic Salmon interviews Scott Beaver, president of the St. Mary's River Association and Chris Hunter, program director for Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island  Atlantic Salmon Federation.

NOPE Campaign 

Sign our petition, request a sign, write a letter.  learn more about how you can support our No Open Pit Mining Excavation campaign.

Events & Notifications

Find out the latest updates and upcoming events about the proposed Cochrane gold mine project.

Have a question?

We are happy to answer questions about the proposed Cochrane Hill gold mine project or other issues of relevance. Answers will be posted on our Q&A page.




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