Conservation Lands - Interactive Map
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Nova Scotia Trust Conservation Lands along the St. Mary's River:


  • Hemlock Hill Conservation Lands – 138 acres

  • Hemlock Falls Conservation Lands – 220 acres

  • West River Conservation Lands – 15 acres

  • Waternish Conservation Lands -160 acres

  • Sobeys 1 & 2 Conservation Lands – 230 acres

  • Mitchells Pool Conservation Lands – 50 acres

  • CW Anderson Conservation Lands – 111 acres

  • AM Sandy Cameron Conservation Lands – 90 acres

  • Archibald Conservation Lands – 16 acres

  • Crows Nest – 140 acres

  • Harrison's Pool – 75 acres

  • Hardwood Hill – 146 acres

Drainage Basin's
Drainage basins in relation to Cochrane Hill Project
McKeens Drainage Basin
McKeens Brook Drainage basin
Mineral Claims - MOSM
Map of Mineral Claims in the St. Mary's River Watershed
St Mary's River Conservation Lands
And Proposed Mine Site
Atlantic Gold's Mineral Claim
Vis-a-Vis Cochrane Hill Project Area Boundary
Cochrane Hill Modeled Water Flow
Topography of Cochrane Hill
Topography of Archibald Lake
Melrose Country Harbour Rd
Modeled & Interpreted Culverts
Atlantic Gold Licenses
In The "String Of Pearls"
West River Upper Smithfield
St. Mary’s River- Stillwater
West River
Cameron Settlement to Liscomb
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The Gold Mine Conversation

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