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Atlantic Gold mine delayed another two years

The Guysborough Journal   •  September 1,  2021

Lack of answers on proposed wilderness area raises concerns for environmental group

CBC News •  April 27,  2021

Atlantic Gold is getting "into the halls of government" in Nova Scotia
Dave Gunning's golden rage
Dave Gunning pens song in support of St. Mary’s River conservation

Global News •  December 2,  2020

Dave Gunning "For All the Gold" Interview:Side Effects Include

CTV News Atlantic •  November 25,  2020

Dave Gunning "For All the Gold"

SMRA Press Release •  November 25,  2020

Songwriter pens new anthem to protest gold mine

The Guysborough Journal •  November 25,  2020

"A sacred spot", why gold mining threatens Nova Scotia's "wildest" river

The Guardian •  August 31,  2020

A Nova Scotia ‘gold rush’ means more threats for at-risk Atlantic salmon

The Narwhal •  February 14,  2020

SMRA pursues heritage status for river

Guysborough Journal •  July 2,  2020

Paddling the St Mary's River with Scott Beaver and Colleen Jones

CBC News •  June 26,  2020

St. Marys River salmon

CBC News •  June 12,  2020

As salmon dwindle in LaHave River, calls grow for DFO to focus on St. Marys River

CBC News •  June 12,  2020

John Cameron - Dreaming of what St. Mary's  could be

Chronicle Herald Op-ed •  April 15,  2020

Atlantic Gold, NOPE open new fronts in battle for public opinion

Guysborough Journal •  April 8,  2020

Counterpoint: Tailings a problem long after mine closes - Peter Lund, Hydrogeologist

Chronicle Herald •  March 31,  2020

Don't swallow Atlantic Gold's PR nuggets

Chronicle Herald •  March 21,  2020

Atlantic Gold asked province to reprimand St. Mary's council

Chronicle Herald •  March 18,  2020

Results of gold mine poll clear as mud, critics say

Guysborough Journal •  March 18,  2020

Atlantic Gold spat with St. Mary’s council turned ugly, document reveals

Guysborough Journal •  March 11,  2020

Atlantic Gold to fight against the designation of the proposed Archibald Lake "Candidate"
Wilderness Area

Chronicle Herald • March 4, 2020

Impact of gold mine contamination in N.S. understudied, research finds

CBC News • February 25, 2020

Silver not Gold

Epic Waters Angling • February 22, 2020

COUNTERPOINTS: Tarnished by gold mining

Chronicle Herald • February 19, 2020

Atlantic Gold vows to be environmentally responsible

CBC Radio Information Morning • February 18, 2020

Municipal Ecological Governance in Nova Scotia

ECE Law Blog • February 17, 2020

Nova Scotia gold rush means more threats for at-risk Atlantic salmon species

The Narwel • February 14, 2020

Ground breaking salmon video shows fish spawning near proposed gold mine site

CBC Radio Information Morning • February 13, 2020

Rare video of spawning salmon should stop proposed N.S. gold mine: conservationists

Globe & Mail  • February 12, 2020

Video shows salmon spawning near proposed Guysborough County gold mine

Chronicle Herald • February 13, 2020

Rare video of spawning salmon should stop proposed N.S. gold mine: conservationists

Atlantic Salmon Federation Press Release • February 12, 2020

Take Action to Save Nova Scotia Rivers

Atlantic Salmon Federation Press Release • February 12, 2020

Video of spawning salmon should stop proposed N.S. gold mine: conservationists

CTV News • February 12, 2020

Video of spawning salmon should stop proposed N.S. gold mine: conservationists • February 12, 2020

Rare video of spawning salmon should stop proposed N.S. gold mine: conservationists

Halifax Today • February 12, 2020

Rare video of spawning salmon should stop proposed N.S. gold mine: conservationists

The Star • February 12, 2020

Local MP voices misgivings about Cochrane Hill gold mine

Guysborough journal •  February 26, 2020

Proposed gold mine in Nova Scotia threatens Atlantic salmon Podcast • January 28,  2020

Archibald Lake’s new status raises fresh questions

Guysborough Journal • January 22, 2020

Proposed protected area lies within planned Cochrane Hill mine site

Guysborough Journal • January 15, 2020

New economic impact report to inform St. Mary’s decision

Guysborough Journal • December 11, 2019

Report weighs economic benefits of gold mine in St. Mary's area of Nova Scotia

Chronicle Herald • December 10, 2019

Licence to operate' still tops mining risks: EY survey

Mining Journal • October 3, 2019

Environmental assessment of proposed N.S. gold mine paused as feds seek more info

CBC News • November 7, 2019

Robin Tress on Bill 213 at Law Amendments: People are here to do the hard work of transforming our society

Nova Scotia Advocate • October 28, 2019

Auditor general warns of unknown costs of remediating N.S.'s abandoned mines

CBC News • October 29, 2019

After The Gold Rush 

Halifax Examiner • June 25, 2019

What you need to know about gold mining in Nova Scotia

CBC News • October 26, 2019

Peter Puxley: If not mining, then what? Towards a sustainable and prosperous rural Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Advocate • October 23, 2019

N.O.P.E. activity opposing gold mine aplenty

The Casket • October 8,  2019

Questions and concerns a plenty during Cochrane Hills proposed mine information session

The Casket • August 22, 2019

River takes centre stage at community meeting on gold mine

Guysborough Journal • August 21, 2019

Nova Scotia’s golden addiction to toxic mining 

The Coast • August 8, 2019

Letters to the editor in response to Jim Vibert’s July 25 column, "Nova Scotia government bullish on gold mines"

Chronicle Herald • August 1, 2019

Nova Scotia to spend $48M cleaning up 2 former gold mines

CBC News • July 25, 2019

OPINION: Atlantic Gold can’t be trusted to run a mine

Chronicle Herald  • July 9, 2019

Gold miner gives investors option to pull out of $490m raising

The Sydney Morning Herald • June 4, 2019

Atlantic Gold says 'mistakes' made in arrest of mine opponent

S&P Global Market Intelligence • May 31, 2019

Nova Scotia man questions his arrest at public meeting by mining company

National Post • May 25, 2019

Nova Scotia gold mine proposal threatens pristine wilderness area: Nature Trust

National Post • May 30, 2019

Philanthropist Paul Sobey slams 'mind-boggling' gold mine plan in pristine area

CBC News • May 30, 2019

Paul Sobey says proposed gold mine will destroy the land

CBC Information Morning • May 30, 2019

Nova Scotia gold mine proposal threatens pristine wilderness area: Nature Trust, says nature conservancy organization

The Star • May 30, 2019

Nature Trust protecting land near potential gold mine

CBC Radio Information Morning • May 29, 2019

Atlantic joy sours from community gaffe

Mining Journal • May 27, 2019

St. Barbara still intends to acquire Atlantic Gold

Halifax Examiner • June 3, 2019

JIM VIBERT: Attorney General shows limited interest in mining meeting bust-up

Chronicle Herald • May 31, 2019

McNeil government: if John Perkins doesn’t like being wrestled to the floor at a public meeting, he can file a complaint

Halifax Examiner • May 31, 2019

What is Atlantic Gold Afraid Of?

Eastern Shore Cooperator • May 29, 2019

Setting the record straight on Atlantic Gold

Halifax Examiner • May 27, 2019

RCMP violently remove and arrest citizen at public meeting about gold mine

Halifax Examiner • May 24, 2019

$1.2 million funding boost for eastern NS rivers

Guysborough Journal • May 15, 2019

Government of Canada makes a significant investment in Eastern Nova Scotia through the Oceans Protection Plan

Fisheries & Oceans Press Release • May 8, 2019

SMRA protests at Atlantic Gold office opening

Guysborough Journal • April 10, 2019

Eastern Shore community rallies against proposed gold mine

CBC News • April 5, 2019

Babe Ruth’s excellent Nova Scotia adventures

Chronicle Herald • Aril 3, 2019

Spill at Moose River gold mine raises environmental concern

Halifax Examiner • March 15,  2019

District of St. Mary’s ponders mine near river

Chronicle Herald • February 13, 2019

Like blood from a stone: trying to get information out of the Department of Energy and Mines

Halifax Examiner • February 7, 2019

Friends of St. Mary's River say "NOPE" to Atlantic Gold 

Halifax Examiner • January 25, 2019

SMRA brings gold mine concerns to premier

Guysborough Journal • January 9, 2019

St. Mary’s hears updated presentation on SMRA’s opposition to Cochrane Hill Gold Mine

Guysborough Journal • December 12, 2018

St. Mary's River Association stocks river with adult Atlantic salmon

CTV  News • December 20, 2018

Residents worried about proposed gold mine near Sherbrooke

CBC News • November 18, 2018

St. Mary’s River Assoc. opposes proposed gold mine

Guysborough Journal • October 17, 2018

Proposed gold mine in Guysborough County ‘too intrusive,’ says river association

Chronicle Herald • October 19, 2018

Fools Gold:  Nova Scotia's myopic pursuit of minerals & gold (Part 1)

Cape Breton Spectator • May 16, 2018

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