Atlantic Gold is getting "into the halls of government" in Nova Scotia
Dave Gunning's golden rage
Dave Gunning pens song in support of St. Mary’s River conservation

Global News •  December 2,  2020

Dave Gunning "For All the Gold" Interview:Side Effects Include

CTV News Atlantic •  November 25,  2020

Dave Gunning "For All the Gold"

SMRA Press Release •  November 25,  2020

Songwriter pens new anthem to protest gold mine

The Guysborough Journal •  November 25,  2020

"A sacred spot", why gold mining threatens Nova Scotia's "wildest" river

The Guardian •  August 31,  2020

A Nova Scotia ‘gold rush’ means more threats for at-risk Atlantic salmon

The Narwhal •  February 14,  2020

SMRA pursues heritage status for river

Guysborough Journal •  July 2,  2020

Paddling the St Mary's River with Scott Beaver and Colleen Jones

CBC News •  June 26,  2020

St. Marys River salmon

CBC News •  June 12,  2020

As salmon dwindle in LaHave River, calls grow for DFO to focus on St. Marys River

CBC News •  June 12,  2020

John Cameron - Dreaming of what St. Mary's  could be

Chronicle Herald Op-ed •  April 15,  2020

Atlantic Gold, NOPE open new fronts in battle for public opinion

Guysborough Journal •  April 8,  2020

Counterpoint: Tailings a problem long after mine closes - Peter Lund, Hydrogeologist

Chronicle Herald •  March 31,  2020

Don't swallow Atlantic Gold's PR nuggets

Chronicle Herald •  March 21,  2020

Atlantic Gold asked province to reprimand St. Mary's council

Chronicle Herald •  March 18,  2020

Results of gold mine poll clear as mud, critics say

Guysborough Journal •  March 18,  2020

Atlantic Gold spat with St. Mary’s council turned ugly, document reveals

Guysborough Journal •  March 11,  2020

Atlantic Gold to fight against the designation of the proposed Archibald Lake "Candidate"
Wilderness Area

Chronicle Herald • March 4, 2020

Impact of gold mine contamination in N.S. understudied, research finds

CBC News • February 25, 2020

Silver not Gold

Epic Waters Angling • February 22, 2020

COUNTERPOINTS: Tarnished by gold mining

Chronicle Herald • February 19, 2020

Atlantic Gold vows to be environmentally responsible

CBC Radio Information Morning • February 18, 2020

Municipal Ecological Governance in Nova Scotia

ECE Law Blog • February 17, 2020

Nova Scotia gold rush means more threats for at-risk Atlantic salmon species

The Narwel • February 14, 2020

Ground breaking salmon video shows fish spawning near proposed gold mine site

CBC Radio Information Morning • February 13, 2020

Rare video of spawning salmon should stop proposed N.S. gold mine: conservationists

Globe & Mail  • February 12, 2020

Video shows salmon spawning near proposed Guysborough County gold mine

Chronicle Herald • February 13, 2020

Rare video of spawning salmon should stop proposed N.S. gold mine: conservationists

Atlantic Salmon Federation Press Release • February 12, 2020

Take Action to Save Nova Scotia Rivers

Atlantic Salmon Federation Press Release • February 12, 2020

Video of spawning salmon should stop proposed N.S. gold mine: conservationists

CTV News • February 12, 2020

Video of spawning salmon should stop proposed N.S. gold mine: conservationists • February 12, 2020

Rare video of spawning salmon should stop proposed N.S. gold mine: conservationists

Halifax Today • February 12, 2020

Rare video of spawning salmon should stop proposed N.S. gold mine: conservationists

The Star • February 12, 2020

Local MP voices misgivings about Cochrane Hill gold mine

Guysborough journal •  February 26, 2020

Proposed gold mine in Nova Scotia threatens Atlantic salmon Podcast • January 28,  2020

Archibald Lake’s new status raises fresh questions

Guysborough Journal • January 22, 2020

Proposed protected area lies within planned Cochrane Hill mine site

Guysborough Journal • January 15, 2020

New economic impact report to inform St. Mary’s decision

Guysborough Journal • December 11, 2019

Report weighs economic benefits of gold mine in St. Mary's area of Nova Scotia

Chronicle Herald • December 10, 2019

Licence to operate' still tops mining risks: EY survey

Mining Journal • October 3, 2019

Environmental assessment of proposed N.S. gold mine paused as feds seek more info

CBC News • November 7, 2019

Robin Tress on Bill 213 at Law Amendments: People are here to do the hard work of transforming our society

Nova Scotia Advocate • October 28, 2019

Auditor general warns of unknown costs of remediating N.S.'s abandoned mines

CBC News • October 29, 2019

After The Gold Rush 

Halifax Examiner • June 25, 2019

What you need to know about gold mining in Nova Scotia

CBC News • October 26, 2019

Peter Puxley: If not mining, then what? Towards a sustainable and prosperous rural Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Advocate • October 23, 2019

N.O.P.E. activity opposing gold mine aplenty

The Casket • October 8,  2019

Questions and concerns a plenty during Cochrane Hills proposed mine information session

The Casket • August 22, 2019

River takes centre stage at community meeting on gold mine

Guysborough Journal • August 21, 2019

Nova Scotia’s golden addiction to toxic mining 

The Coast • August 8, 2019

Letters to the editor in response to Jim Vibert’s July 25 column, "Nova Scotia government bullish on gold mines"

Chronicle Herald • August 1, 2019

Nova Scotia to spend $48M cleaning up 2 former gold mines

CBC News • July 25, 2019

OPINION: Atlantic Gold can’t be trusted to run a mine

Chronicle Herald  • July 9, 2019

Gold miner gives investors option to pull out of $490m raising

The Sydney Morning Herald • June 4, 2019

Atlantic Gold says 'mistakes' made in arrest of mine opponent

S&P Global Market Intelligence • May 31, 2019

Nova Scotia man questions his arrest at public meeting by mining company

National Post • May 25, 2019

Nova Scotia gold mine proposal threatens pristine wilderness area: Nature Trust

National Post • May 30, 2019

Philanthropist Paul Sobey slams 'mind-boggling' gold mine plan in pristine area

CBC News • May 30, 2019

Paul Sobey says proposed gold mine will destroy the land

CBC Information Morning • May 30, 2019

Nova Scotia gold mine proposal threatens pristine wilderness area: Nature Trust, says nature conservancy organization

The Star • May 30, 2019

Nature Trust protecting land near potential gold mine

CBC Radio Information Morning • May 29, 2019

Atlantic joy sours from community gaffe

Mining Journal • May 27, 2019

St. Barbara still intends to acquire Atlantic Gold

Halifax Examiner • June 3, 2019

JIM VIBERT: Attorney General shows limited interest in mining meeting bust-up

Chronicle Herald • May 31, 2019

McNeil government: if John Perkins doesn’t like being wrestled to the floor at a public meeting, he can file a complaint

Halifax Examiner • May 31, 2019

What is Atlantic Gold Afraid Of?

Eastern Shore Cooperator • May 29, 2019

Setting the record straight on Atlantic Gold

Halifax Examiner • May 27, 2019

RCMP violently remove and arrest citizen at public meeting about gold mine

Halifax Examiner • May 24, 2019

$1.2 million funding boost for eastern NS rivers

Guysborough Journal • May 15, 2019

Government of Canada makes a significant investment in Eastern Nova Scotia through the Oceans Protection Plan

Fisheries & Oceans Press Release • May 8, 2019

SMRA protests at Atlantic Gold office opening

Guysborough Journal • April 10, 2019

Eastern Shore community rallies against proposed gold mine

CBC News • April 5, 2019

Babe Ruth’s excellent Nova Scotia adventures

Chronicle Herald • Aril 3, 2019

Spill at Moose River gold mine raises environmental concern

Halifax Examiner • March 15,  2019

District of St. Mary’s ponders mine near river

Chronicle Herald • February 13, 2019

Like blood from a stone: trying to get information out of the Department of Energy and Mines

Halifax Examiner • February 7, 2019

Friends of St. Mary's River say "NOPE" to Atlantic Gold 

Halifax Examiner • January 25, 2019

SMRA brings gold mine concerns to premier

Guysborough Journal • January 9, 2019

St. Mary’s hears updated presentation on SMRA’s opposition to Cochrane Hill Gold Mine

Guysborough Journal • December 12, 2018

St. Mary's River Association stocks river with adult Atlantic salmon

CTV  News • December 20, 2018

Residents worried about proposed gold mine near Sherbrooke

CBC News • November 18, 2018

St. Mary’s River Assoc. opposes proposed gold mine

Guysborough Journal • October 17, 2018

Proposed gold mine in Guysborough County ‘too intrusive,’ says river association

Chronicle Herald • October 19, 2018

Fools Gold:  Nova Scotia's myopic pursuit of minerals & gold (Part 1)

Cape Breton Spectator • May 16, 2018

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