We need your help and your voice! Check out our NOPE campaign goals and how you can take action to help protect our community’s water, and the vision the community has crafted for a future that centers on a healthy river, Atlantic salmon recovery, and Eco-tourism.



NOPE stands for "No Open Pit Excavating". 

Since August 2019, our NOPE campaign has been active gathering information and educating community members  about risks associated with the proposed Cochrane Hill gold mine project. 

Goals of the NOPE Campaign include:


  1. Stop the proposed Gold mine on Cochrane Hill.

  2. No Gold Mining within 8 km corridor of the St Mary’s river water shed.

  3. Create an independent committee to review all mining proposals and projects in the province of Nova Scotia.

  4. All gold mining companies in NS pay into an environmental disaster fund.

Here are some ways you can help support the NOPE campaign. 

URGENT! Help Protect  

Archibald Lake 

The Parks and Protected Areas Branch of the Nova Scotia Government is seeking public comment on the proposed protected area noted as Archibald Lake Wilderness Area. This  is the largest lake in the proposed gold mine area.  Submit your comments of support  by March 9, 2020. 

Send a Letter 

Take one minute to send a letter. Join the St. Mary's River Association, Nova Scotia Salmon Association and Atlantic Salmon Federation and let Premier McNeil know that silver is more precious than gold.

Talk To Your Councillor

Call your Municipality of the District of Saint Mary's elected councillor.  Tell them about your concerns with the Atlantic Gold's proposed gold mine project for Cochrane Hill.  

Sign Our Petition

Over 6200 citizens have signed our petition to stop Atlantic Gold's open pit mine on Cochrane Hill.  Help us reach our goal of 7500 signatures.  


Show your support by placing a NOPE sign on your property. Order a sign simply by emailing us.  Donations welcome and appreciated. 


Show your support by placing a NOPE sign on your property. Order a sign simply by emailing us.  Donations welcome and appreciated. 


Your donation will be used to continue the NOPE Campaign. Funds will be used for community meetings, office supplies, printing flyers, travel, signs and bumper stickers, and hiring third party experts to analyze the project documentation. 

Tour Touquoy Mine

The Touguoy gold mine in Moose River, NS resembles what you will see on Cochrane Hill should the gold mine project be approved. To tour the Touquoy mine, call Atlantic Gold's Communication Manager, Dustin O'Leary at 902-719-5620 or email You can also call the main mine number at 902-384-2772 to arrange a tour.


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The Gold Mine Conversation

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